The IGEES Open Guppy Exhibition Project

What is an Open Guppy Show?

The IGEES Open Guppy Show program is designed to encourage and enable any group to hold a guppy show either as a stand alone event or as part of a multi-species show. Our goal is to expand the hobby by creating a new class of “DIY”guppy exhibition that is inclusive for all hobbyists and open to any group who wants to put one on. There is no sanctioning. There are no fees. There is no tournament. Just flexible guidelines that put guppy exhibitions back in the reach of all guppy enthusiasts.

The IGEES Open Guppy Show Planning Guide.

This handbook will act as a guide for planning and executing a guppy exhibition. Covering the logistics as well as various options to consider.

Open Show Classification and Evaluation System (IGEES-OSS).

The IGEES Open Guppy Show Classification and Evaluation System or “Open Show Standard” provides for the classification and evaluation of all phenotypes of both ornamental and wild guppy strains. It will be published under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. It will be distributed as a free download to anyone who wants to use and distribute it. IGEES members are encouraged to submit amendments and derivative versions of these standards especially versions in different languages.


Open Show Classification and Evaluation System Features:

1000 point evaluations system for evaluating singles, pairs, mixed and same sex groups.

Covers Wild types, Endlers, and Designer Hybrids as well as Ornamental strains.

20 male guppy Caudal / Tail Shapes.

10 male guppy dorsal Shapes.

8 Female Caudal / Tail Shapes.

3D images. Detailed 3D images created with modeling software that conform exactly to proportions described in the standards rather than line drawings.

Granular Coding System. The coding of patterns and colors have been separated. Additional classification codes have been added to accommodate new features.

Strain Database. The old “Guppywiki” strains database on the website is being replaced with a new database of strain sheets. Descriptions of commonly accepted strains are broken down by evaluation points contained in the CES. It also lists the codings for commonly established strains to save time in coding entry forms.

Open Show Judging Certification:

After studying the IGEES Open Show Standard and other judge training materials members are encouraged to take the on-line Certification Exam. By passing the Certification Exam a person becomes a Level 1 certified judge and is eligible to judge any IGEES Open Show. Additional Levels are achieved by judging more shows. All judges are encouraged to contribute training materials (ie. videos or articles) for use in the training program. Individuals are allowed to take the exam as many times as they like until they pass. There is no fee for taking the exam.

Level 1 – Passing Certification Exam

Level 2 – Judging at least one registered Open Show.

Level 3 – Judging three to five guppy shows.

Level 4 – Judging at least 10 guppy shows.

Level 5 – Judging twenty or more guppy shows.

Open Show hosting requirements.

Show must be registered with the IGEES Open Show Committee at least two months before the show.

Show must have at least one certified IGEES OS Judge.

Results and pictures of the event and all entries must be submitted to the IGEES Open Show Comittee within ten days of the show.

Show must be open to any and all forms of the guppy.

A Show poster must be posted in the IGEES Facebook Group

Show poster must display the IGEES Open Show Logo

Shows using standards of other organizations are permitted as long as there is at least one class judged by IGEES-OSS.