The IGEES Publications Project – This project is dedicated to maintaining, updating, and translating IGEES publications for distribution around the world.

The IGEES Open Show Project – to enable clubs anywhere in the world to host IGEES guppy exhibitions by creating a new class of “DIY Guppy Exhibitions”.

  • Show materials – Judging Sheets, Entry Forms, etc,
  • Judges School – online tutorials, certification exams, experience register.
  • Open Show Guide – A guide for assisting in planning and putting on an IGEES Open Guppy Show.

The IGEES Open Standard – Guppy Classification & Evaluation System.

Guppy Strains Database Project – The goal of this project is to replace the old guppy wiki database with an on-line database of “strain” sheets describing established strains of guppies based on the classification system.  Also lists codes for established strains to save time filling out entry forms.

Club Guppy Strain Project – To encourage the revival of the common or “Trinidadian” guppy that once was the quintessential beginner fish in pet stores all over the world for decades.  The program involves designating club members to produce the strain in sufficient numbers that it can regularly be distributed as give away to attract beginning aquarists to your club.