IGEES Guppy Care Guide

This guide attempts to answer all the questions you might have about guppy care. If you would like a new category or item added to the Guppy Care Guide, please contact us through the Contact page or post your suggestion on the forum. Each item in the Guppy Care Guide has a comment section at the end for adding your questions or comments. The articles in this section were originally written by Philip Shaddock as part of the Guppywiki project. They have been edited and expanded by Larry Reinhardt.  All IGEES members are encouraged to contribute to the enhancement of this guide.

  • Quick Overview
    A quick overview of the basics of guppy care.
  • Proper Water Parameters for Guppies
    The water your guppies live in has a huge impact on their health and fertility. In this category we tell you how to set up water conditions that are optimal for the guppy.
  • Maintaining Water Quality
    Maintaining the health of all the guppies in a large breeding setup can be difficult and time consuming. In this category we describe simple routine maintenance that can be performed to maintain the quality of the water your guppies live in.
  • Food and Feeding
    The quality and freshness of the food fed to your guppies, and the quantity and frequency of feeding are paramount for their health, growth and fertility. It is easy to get basic maintenance down pat. It is much more difficult to find that optimum amount of food for good growth and health.
  • Other Care Topics
    Other topics, such as shipping fish.