Guppy Food and Feeding-Overview

It is a surprising fact that people attempt to save money on guppy food, given how little food guppies eat. There is more food in a can of dog food than a room full of guppies can eat in a month.

By now most people should be well aware of the dangers of eating junk food or eating quality food in too great a quantity. Humans pay for the pleasure of overeating in shorten life spans and major health problems while still alive. The same holds true for guppies. Plus poor quality food overfed pollutes guppy tanks eventually leading to disease breakouts or chronic conditions like split fins and hollow bellied females.

Another overlooked factor is improper storage of guppy food. People eat fresh food and store it temporarily in the freezer or refrigerator. Guppy food should be handled in the same way. The consequence of food that has gone bad can be just as devastating for guppies as humans.

While this category is full of articles on the guppy digestive system and guppy nutrients, it is background reading. The proper feeding of guppies can be simplified down to three factors:

1. Keep it fresh. Buy in small quantities, and refrigerate opened food. Freeze food that will not be eaten for a month. After six months discard frozen food. This is extremely important!

2. Buy premium food. This means highly digestible protein and food that does not use a lot of wheat filler. Fish meal made from such sources as salmon, krill, and halibut are best. We feed dry food twice a day and one feeding of live baby brine shrimp (BBS or artemia).

3. Feed sparingly. If the guppies are still finding food particles 120 seconds after you fed them, they have been fed too much. This is assuming you feed them twice or at most three times a day.

4. Take care with BBS. If you feed baby brine shrimp (BBS or artemia) to your fry, put four drops per liter when you add eggs to your salt water. This will kill any bacteria or fungi resident on the eggs. Feed only one feeding of BBS to adults and keep your filters clean if you feed heavily with BBS.

It is hard to resist feeding guppies that appear to be ferociously hungry and are literally swarming at the front of the tank. But finding the right balance between feeding and growth will actually result in much healthier, larger and more fertile fish. Overfeeding can stunt growth, reduce fertility and raise the specter of disease in the fish room. Read the articles in this section to find out why.