GuppyCon3 set for Nov 2-3

IGEES GuppyCon will once again be held at Stonehill College in Easton, Ma.

  • IGEES Open Guppy & Endler Show
  • GuppyScape – Planted Nano Tank Competition
  • Kids Guppy Coloring Contest
  • Tour of the guppy research lab.
  • Presentations and Demos
  • Sunday Nov 3rd.
  • G.E.N.E. Meeting
  • Buck-A-Bag all species auction
  • Pizza Party
  • Free Admission
  • Open To the Public.

Show and Auction Rules and Forms coming soon.

Looking to buy or sell Guppies?

Guppy buyers and sellers welcome in the new IGEES Guppy Marketplace.

In response to many social media sites prohibiting hobbyists from buying and selling fish on-line the IGEES has added a new Guppy Marketplace. IGEES members are welcome to list guppies, plants, supplies, and other related new and used equipment for sale on Guppy Marketplace bulletin board.

North America Guppy Group Buy Deadline Oct 1st

The deadline for the North Amercian Guppy Group Buy is fast approaching.  We need a minimum of 30 pairs to proceed with the order.  The cost of each pair is $60.  This covers all fees and inspections as well as shipping to Wilmington, MA.  Fish can be shipped elsewhere in the U.S. for an additional charge.

This is a rare opportunity for U.S. Breeders to get top quality Asian strains.


Order Form BGC Group Buy

100th Anniversary of the 1st Guppy Show in 1917

2017 marks one hundred years since the first recorded guppy show held by the Chicago Aquarium Society.  The



From Aqualife Magazine March, 1917

The favorite, “Guppy,” Lebistes reticulatus, was exhibited in competition at a recent meeting of the Chicago Aquarium Society.  The championship and blue ribbon was won by Fred G. Orsinger; red ribbon, William Hitchcock; white ribbon, Fred Buckholz, Jr. Judges. Floyd S. Young and St. Elmo Linton

Guppy Night In Boston

The Boston Guppy Club will be co-hosting the June meeting of the Boston Aquarium Society.


The speaker at this event will be Stonehill College, Associate Professor Brownwyn Heather Bleakley, Phd.

Bleakley comes to Stonehill from Smith College where she served as a lecturer in genetics (2009-10). Prior to that, she was a National Science Foundation (NSF) international research fellow based jointly at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at University of Exeter, Cornwall and Northern Arizona University. Her teaching appointments have included stints at the University of Virginia, Indiana University, and the University of Arizona.

In 2007, Bleakley received the William J. Rowland Mentor of the Year and Outstanding Associate Instructor of the Year Awards at Indiana University. Bleakley’s research focuses on the evolutionary genetics of social behavior. She uses inbred and wild lines of guppies to explore how the genetic component of the social environment influences antipredator behavior and cooperation. She also uses invertebrates to understand the genetics of cannibalism and how social selection acts on cannibalism. She is planning projects exploring how genetic variation interacts with social organization to influence behavior. These projects were supported by the National Science Foundation and Animal Behavior Society.

Boston Guppy Club will have a sales table at the meeting and will be running raffles.

The meeting will also feature the monthly Boston Aquarium Society Auction.

Doors Open at 8. Refreshments will be served.  The meeting is free and open to the public.

Harborside Learning Lab at the New England Aquarium

1 Central Wharf , Boston, MA

(located in the rear of the parking facility)

Parking meters are free after 8PM


2017 Boston Guppy Club – Guppy and Endler Show at the NEC

NEC 2017 Convention Flyer 9-21-16

For the third year in a row the Boston Guppy Club will be holding an IGEES Guppy and Endler Exhibition at the 2017 NEC Convention.

This is a pairs show. Female counts for 10% of the score. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbons will be awarded for the following categories:

  1. Ornamental Long Tail  (Delta, Triangle, Veil, Comet, Flag, Fan, Half Moon, Double, Swallow, Merah)
  2. Ornamental Sword Tail (Double, Top, Bottom, Lyre)
  3. Ornamental Short Tail (Round, Spade, Spear, Pin)
  4. Wild Guppy
  5. Designer Wild (ie. Tanaka strains)
  6. Wild Endler
  7. Designer Endler

There will also be awards for Best of Show, Reserve of Show, and Peoples Choice.

There is no entry fee.  Shipped in entries will be auctioned on Sunday as donations to the Boston Guppy Club.  Attended entries will be auctioned at the discretion of the exhibitor.

Shipped in entries should be sent to arrive by Friday March 10th.

Attn: Leslie Dick

Sheraton Hartford South

100 Capital Blvd

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

 Guppy Show Entry Form – Boston Guppy Club

Click here for more info about the NEC Convention.