Blue Dragon Guppy

The International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society was launched in 2008 by a group of guppy breeders with the aim of creating a different type of guppy organization. Initially the group attracted breeders that were inspired by the work of one of our founders, Philip Shaddock interested in the genetics and biology of the guppy. Eventually the group attracted a wide array of guppy enthusiasts from around the world with a diverse set of interests in the hobby.

  • Study of Guppy Genetics and Biology.
  • Designing new Guppy Strains.
  • Creating Endler Guppy Hybrid Strains.
  • Creating Guppy Biotopes
  • Pond / Tub guppies.
  • Breeding wild type guppies.
  • Holding Guppy Exhibitions
  • Designing Guppies for use in Aquascapes  (GuppyScape)

Unlike traditional guppy fancy organizations which are focused on competitive shows and breeding guppies to a specific set of standards the primary focus of the IGEES is on community and collaboration.