020 – Other Fish Room Equipment

Water Storage Tank

This 100 gallon tank is not large enough for our 66 tank fish room. A weekly 30% water change consumes 240 gallons.

As you can see, the top of the tank makes a great surface for somebody who is naturally messy. All kinds of chemicals and a shrimp hatchery are tossed about.

Air Circulation

Three strategically located fans keep the air circulating in the room. The whole room is heated, and normally there is a four or five degree difference in the temperature between the top and bottom tanks. Using fans, we were able to reduce the difference to two degrees.

This fan is on the top shelf of a rack, blowing the warm air over to the other side of the room.

Air Pump

The air pump should be located above your highest tank. This pump is on the top shelf of the rack shown on the previous page.

The fully equipped fish room requires a lot of smaller items, covered in our series on maintenance.

The fish room is only 11 feet by 12 feet, so the laundry tub is never far away. We do not have hot water. The cold water going into the holding tank is heated by ordinary aquarium heaters.

A small “bar fridge” saves a long trip back to the house and many spousal chastisement.

You need two types of pumps for water changes, an “in-line” pump like the Teel Model 360 for draining the tanks and a submersible pump like the one above for pumping water into the tanks.