001 – Building a Fish Room Introduction

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The “Fish Room” is written for the seriously addicted guppy breeder. If you are interested in maintaining a community tank, or a couple of show tanks, than there is lot of good advice available in general aquarium books on setting up planted community tanks. You will find the series on equipping the fish room useful if you have grown to a ten tank household and your spouse is beginning to get alarmed. You spouse does not know that you are thinking of expanding to twenty, forty or sixty tanks.

I must make clear right from the beginning that there are many different methods used to arrive at a common goal: to make fish room maintenance trouble free and make the chore of cleaning up after your fish as less labour intensive as possible. People are always innovating, even long time breeders. So whether or not you use a grain or two of salt for guppy health maintenance, or not, definitely take what I have written here with a grain of salt. Or not.