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Guppy and Endler Show in Vermont, Oct 29th

For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1990565087842021/permalink/2011250292440167/

North America Guppy Group Buy Deadline Oct 1st

The deadline for the North Amercian Guppy Group Buy is fast approaching.  We need a minimum of 30 pairs to proceed with the order.  The cost of each pair is $60.  This covers all fees and inspections as well as shipping to Wilmington, MA.  Fish can be shipped elsewhere in the U.S. for an additional…

100th Anniversary of the 1st Guppy Show in 1917

2017 marks one hundred years since the first recorded guppy show held by the Chicago Aquarium Society.  The   From Aqualife Magazine March, 1917 The favorite, “Guppy,” Lebistes reticulatus, was exhibited in competition at a recent meeting of the Chicago Aquarium Society.  The championship and blue ribbon was won by Fred G. Orsinger; red ribbon,…

Guppy Night In Boston

The Boston Guppy Club will be co-hosting the June meeting of the Boston Aquarium Society.   The speaker at this event will be Stonehill College, Associate Professor Brownwyn Heather Bleakley, Phd. Bleakley comes to Stonehill from Smith College where she served as a lecturer in genetics (2009-10). Prior to that, she was a National Science…