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Select blogs by Philip Shaddock from the Guppy Designer website.


P.wingei Debate

“Overall, our data do not provide justification for distinguishing the separate species P. wingei.”

Looking to buy or sell Guppies?

Guppy buyers and sellers welcome in the new IGEES Guppy Marketplace. In response to many social media sites prohibiting hobbyists from buying and selling fish on-line the IGEES has added a new Guppy Marketplace. IGEES members are welcome to list guppies, plants, supplies, and other related new and used equipment for sale on Guppy Marketplace…

GuppyCon II – International Guppy Conference November 3rd -4th

Guppy Enthusiasts of New England and the International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society will be presenting an International Guppy Conference & Charity Fund Raiser sponsored by and held at Stonehill College the first weekend in November 3rd & 4th. Unlike typical aquarium hobby conventions ALL EVENTS AT GUPPYCON II WILL BE FREE AND OPEN TO…

Guppy and Endler Show in Vermont, Oct 29th

For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1990565087842021/permalink/2011250292440167/